Hostel Fee

NRI Premium

Annual Fee in USD

Both Boys and Girls (3 floors for boys 3 floors for girls)

Triple Sharing (A/C)


Green Pearl International Hostel (Off Campus)        

Annual Fee in USD

Boys and Girls

Twin Non Ac


Twin  Ac


Triple Ac



4 Sharing Ac


Domestic Hostels for NRI/IR Students

Sister Nivedita (M Block)                                               

Annual Fee in  INR

Only for Girls                                                                     

Twin Non Ac


Twin  Ac


Sannasi 'C' hostel 

Annual Fee in  INR

Only for Boys                                                                    

Twin Non Ac


Twin  Ac


International Hostels

1. NRI Premium

2. Green Pearl International Hostel (Off Campus)

  • Fees includes Mess & Laundry
  • Free Shuttle Services available from Hostel campus to SRM Campus (Only- Green Pearl)

Note for International Hostels:

  • Payment only in USD

Domestic Hostels for NRI/ Foreign Students (with domestic food)

1.Sannasi 'C' hostel Laundry Fees of Rs.6000/- for BOYS is Optional

2.Sister Nivedita (M Block) Laundry Fees of Rs.7000/- for GIRLS is Optional

  • Hostel rates given above include Admission Fees, Room Rent, Amenities, Electrical Charges, and Games & Entertainments.
  • Fees includes mess

Link :

Note Domestic Hostels:

For any queries related to NRI/Foreign National Hostels and Bookings, please contact

Ph: 044 2741 7265

  • After booking, if a student wishes to cancel, the cancellation fee will be charged as per University norms.