Student Diversity

Prevalence of a diverse and inclusive culture at campus enhances the learning environment by improving the ability to work in diverse groups. Each student at the campus brings his or her own unique cultural background and experience. SRM Institute of Science and Technology (formerly known as SRM University) hosts students from various countries across the world and education at SRM empowers individuals with profound knowledge on various fields of study.

Across the university's four campuses - at Kattankulathur, Ramapuram and Vadapalani in Chennai and Modi Nagar in Delhi - it's a stimulating environment for living and learning, with a diversity of students from across India and the world. Living and learning together instills self-confidence and a spirit of camaraderie among the students, and contributes to professional fraternity.

The University caters to the diverse population. The students get to interact with each other and the diverse environment serves as an opportunity to broaden the horizons for the exchange of different ideas. There are several activities to keep students busy, in various areas of interest. Cultural activities, sports, fine arts and entrepreneurship are all nurtured here, encouraging students to venture beyond the realms of academics.