Hostel Fee


Hostel fee for MBBS & BDS:

For Both Boys and Girls

Twin sharing  (Room with A/C)

For each occupant per year

Room Rent     =     Rs. 1,45,000
Mess              =     Rs.    75,000
Total Fees      =    Rs. 2,20,000/-

Twin sharing ( Room without A/C)

For each occupant per year

Room rent        =    Rs. 85,000
Mess                =   Rs. 75,000
Total Fees        =    Rs. 1,60,000/-

Hostel fee for MD / MS and MDS (PG Medicine & Dental Programs)

Single room with A/C

Annual Hostel Fees - Rs.2,20,000 /-

Mess Fee - Rs. 75,000/-

Total - Rs. 2,95,000/-

Single room without A/C

Annual Hostel Fees - Rs.1,60,000 /-

Mess Fee - Rs. 75,000/-

Total - Rs. 2,35,000/-

(Hostel Compulsory for PG Medicine Programs)

Hostel Fee for Para Medical programs: (BPT, BOT, B.Sc. Nursing, MPT, MOT, M.Sc. Nursing)

For Girls:
Annual Hostel Fees - Rs.25, 000 /-
Annual Mess Fee - Rs.40, 000/-

For Boys:
Annual Hostel Fees - Rs.39, 580 /-
Annual Mess Fee - Rs.58, 000/-

For other Health science programs, Hostel fee will be updated soon.


  • Mess fees includes for veg and Non veg
  • No refund is permitted during the middle of the course unless the candidate withdraws.
  • Refund is not permitted if the student is expelled from the hostel.
  • Cancellation charges for hostels will be as per rules. (Rs 5000/- If cancellation is done before joining the hostel). Refund will be made within 30 days
  • Hostel and Mess fees are subject to revision every year.