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SRM Students Receive Special Mention Award at IIM Bangalore

Four students from the Department of Computer Science Engineering participated in the third IIMB Policy Hackathon at the 9th International Conference on Pubic Policy and Management at IIM Bangalore. During the event, a total of 34 teams registered for the Policy Hack track. Of these 34 teams, 18 were able to complete their submissions within the stipulated 24 hours. All the teams came up with relevant and interesting questions, covering the fields of education, health, credit, financial inlusion, agricultural land lease markets, employment, etc.
The jury juded the teams based on the following parameters:
  • Statement of the problem
  • Use of the dataset provided
  • Analysis
  • Policy messages
  • Structure and Clarity of the write-up
Based on the above criteria, the jury decided to award Team Orange (SRM Team) with the Special Mention Certificate for their unique and interesting question on the divergent performance of specific states with and without the central government's special status. The use of the dataset given was limited and the policy messages they came with were simplistic. 
Amrit, IV Year Computer Science Engineering student
My work at SRM Search Engine (SRMSE)in data research helped dissect the data and deal confidently with that unstructured data. Most importantly working at SRMSE gave us the ability to persevere for 24 hours and find a solution when most other teams had given up. Each person knew the others strength and weakness hence our success can be mainly attributed towards our team work,
Eshlok, IV Year Computer Science Engineering student
TThe IIM-B policy hackathon was one of the best learning experience for me.Working for 3 years in the SRMSE project has given me an analytical and unique thought process. From the start of the competition our approach and conclusion was largely data driven. The team effort was extraordinary and paved our way to success,
Akshith, III Year Computer Science Engineering student
 The data mining and analytical skill put together with the programming experience gained at SRM-SE helped me to contribute some quick solutions to the team.The huge amount of data that we look into on a day to day basis helped me in understanding the data sets better
Anshuman, II Year Computer Science Engineering student
 The experience I gained from SRMSE since my first semester proved to be vital for my inputs during the competition. Visualising the huge data that I came across in the knowledge base domain helped me draw some good conclusions and predictions. The data given was just a small segment of what we have at SRMSE