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Mechanical Engineering Students Win Honorary Award in Technical Contest

Nehal Dash and Mufaddal Azad, final year students of Mechanical Engineering, SRM Institute of Science and Technology (formerly known as SRM University) won the award of Honorary Mention in Nuage Technical Paper Contest held during July to October 2013.

The contest was open to undergraduate and graduate-level students in information technology (IT) and engineering fields of study across India, provided students the opportunity to submit technical papers on topics such as mechanical engineering, information technology, computer science and engineering, biotechnology and seven other concentrations. It further provided an opportunity for students to interact with others in similar educational and professional fields via the Nuage Café environment.
The Judges of the Nuage Technical Paper Contest had verified the originality of content in the paper submissions and the best papers were selected as honorary mentions. Honorary mentions will get an opportunity to present their technical papers to a corporate panel of potential employers in online events too. The students will also be given chance to publish their papers in various international journals.

The project (prototype) presented a solution for those kinds of disabled people who are unable to spend a lot of money to buy a fancy wheelchair that requires on board computer and other expensive instruments. A simple structure and user friendly control system are used to control the wheelchair movement using only the movements of neck muscles, a voice recognition system, remote control, obstacle sensing and detection mechanism. Generally this type of design would suit most to the people those who are totally disabled, that means completely unable to move their hand or leg.

Nehal Dash and Mufaddal Azad has also been nominated and choosen for the best Innovative Idea   under Public Service domain of the recently held ‘’YAHOO & ACCENTURE Innovation Jockeys-2013 contest for this paper. The Team START comprised of seven students including Nehal, Mufaddal, Koustav, Nayan, Manish, Raghav and Akshit have won the Best Project Award in Konvolve’12, a multi disciplinary project competition and exhibition and the team START is currently working on this project IntelliWheelz, for making a real time working model of this wheel chair for the differently abled people.