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A feather in the Cap

A feather in the Cap

Amalorpava Mary, a final year MBA student, Vadapalani campus, has added to the glory of SRM Institute of Science and Technology (formerly known as SRM University). She has won the third prize in the Economic Times Prodigy business case study competition. ET Prodigy Competition held across the country and saw thousands of participants. Such acclaim is no new to the university, though, as the students keep the flag high wherever they go.

The competition was held during August 2011 and the challenge posed to participants was to suggest innovative business models to start an agricultural enterprise using sustainable energy resources. Ms. Mary prepared a case report and won the cash prize of Rs. 50,000.

In her model, she suggested that one could grow the ornamental flower, Anthurium, with the help of organic manures like animal wastes from dairy farm and the coconut husk from coconut trees. She concluded that Anthurium could be exported to countries like Germany, Italy and Japan and the entrepreneur could earn additional profits from dairy farm and the coconut products.

Amalorpava Mary

"It gives me great joy to have represented SRM in the ET Prodigy and to win in the same. The ET Prodigy Competition gives a platform for business administration students like me to test their skills. It is a platform to practice what we have learnt in our classrooms. It gave me a lot confidence in preparing myself for my career."