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An 'Edible' Innovation By An SRMite: An Automatic Dosa-making Machine!

The New Indian Express, May 29, 2013 

His Dosa machine makes 1,200 Dosas per hour

For 21-year-old K Mohan, innovation has always been a part of life. A final year electronics and instrumentation engineering student from SRM Institute of Science and Technology (formerly known as SRM University), Chennai, Mohan is the recipient of six national awards and seven state awards for pioneering innovation in various fields. This time Mohan has come up with an automatic  Dosa -making machine that can make as many as 1,200 Dosas in an hour! “Most students who live in hostels suffer as the quality of food is substandard. As a result, I came up with the idea of building an automatic dosa-making machine. I should thank my hostel mess for inspiring me as a necessity has definitely been the mother of my invention!”

The machine weighs 40kg and can dish out five Dosas every 30 seconds. Explaining the mechanism of his invention, Mohan says, “First, you need to fill the container in the Dosa -making machine with 30 litres of dosa batter and 10 litres of oil. Then, you need to swipe an ATM card and enter the number of Dosas  you require. Once the machine verifies the transaction, it goes into action and starts pouring the batter on the tawa, which is an attached component of the Dosa-making machine. Once the Dosa is cooked, the machine would place it on a plate, serving it to the customer. There are also sambar and chutney containers. It will automatically pour sambhar and chutney into bowls,” says the student.
Mohan had incurred an expenditure of Rs 1.5 lakh for building the machine, out of which Rs 88,000 was sponsored by the research wing of his university.

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