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Climate Conscious

Climate Conscious

Ram Nitesh Jaldu, a student of Electronics and Communication Engineering student was accepted from a highly selective pool of applicants to be a part of the Indian subcontinent youth delegation, to the United Nations Climate Change Conference held in Cancun, Mexico, from 29 November to 10 December 2010. Having participated in the conference at Copenhagen, Denmark climate conference is nothing new to Ramesh.

The world we live in has become vulnerable to climatic changes, which has now become very critical. Ultimately, our lives have become susceptible to these changes. It is becoming hard for the present and the future to accept these facts, which were the consequences of the decisions taken by our ancestors from the previous century. Yes, the effects of Global Warming have now become palpable on our lively activities.

Ecoyouth is a non-profit organization with main aim to spread awareness on Global Warming and its effects. We have collaboratively conducted various demonstrations across India to remind and emphasize on individual's responsibility in this regard.

Ecoyouth aims to seek leaders in the Indian subcontinent's youth climate and environmental movement from various organizations. Ecoyouth-is an entity that inspires a movement simply asking people what they aim to do to tackle the climate challenge and in the process inspire others into action. One year ago we asked people to join the network because it was "Something New, Something Bold." Today, we are no longer new, we are simply bold, where we have started working towards the issue of climate change at the grass roots level.

Decisions may succeed, or falter acknowledging the deal which has to satisfy both the developed and developing countries. This is where youth come in! As an educated youth, our students would like to be part of these discussions so as to voice their thoughts and concerns for not only our future but generations to come. It would be unjust for not providing our next generations this beautiful place called earth.