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Breaking New Frontiers : SRM Search Engine A Search Engine with Difference

A typical Search Engine does it work diligently by sending out a spider to collect as many documents as it can find, while an indexer reads the documents and creates an index based on the words in each document. An algorithm is at the heart of any search engine, which creates indices in a manner that only meaningful results are returned for each query.

“The basic features of our search engine mimic existing engines like Google and Yahoo, but with a  difference”, said Guruprakash, “ here you can get the exact result for the question or keyword of the argument , or a “smart answer” in other words”, he went on to add. It’s also unique in that the search engine tries to give priority to Bharath Centric Webpages:  Pages that are authored by Indians or pages that hold Indian content over foreign web pages, achieved by identifying the Indian surnames which are finite and common, as for example, Sharma,Singh and the like.

The World Wide Web has brought together communities like no other invention has in recent times, and is central to intelligent human existence, with billions of documents being identified and aggregated for the benefit of humanity. “User friendly features define the uniqueness of a search engine, which this one does, by providing to-the-point answers, and helping the user to avoid the cumbersome process of searching the blue links provided by most of the search engines”, said Assistant Professor of Computer Science Engineering Dr K.R Jansi, the principle investigator of the project (CSE).

To elaborate the point, someone trying to find search results akin to the keyword “Apple”, can easily select the domain, either Apple.Inc or Apple the fruit. The Search engine is versatile in that it can fetch every day applications relevant to what people are looking for like the  weather , train-transit timings , stock market data , sports match scores and the like.

“We did not imagine that such a major project could be designed, developed and implemented by our own students. The search engine is live and running, and is in the beta/testing stage. We are confident it will be ready for public launch in 2015”, Director of Research Professor Narayana Rao at SRM Institute of Science and Technology (formerly known as SRM University), went on to add.