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Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery

Cardio Thoracic Surgery Department was started with the noble vision of providing outstanding patient care based on the principles of innovation and compassion with the appointment of Professor. K. Harshavardhan on 15th September 2008. Commitment to compassion includes respect for our patients, their families and emotional support during illness.

Adherence to scientific and professional integrity is the ethical corner stone upon which the path to patient care, clinical investigation and research are based. Dr. K. Harshavardhan is the Professor and Head of the department having a vast experience in the field of Cardiothoracic Surgery from closed heart surgeries to Heart transplant with a personal record of 19,000 operations.

Under his expert guidance and meticulous planning a world class department took shape over a period of one year. First open heart surgery was done in May 2009. Adult & pediatric Cardiac surgeries are being done at present. In the last two years nearly 300 open heart surgeries were done. The State - of - the art Operation Theatre complex comprises four modern theatres with excellent facilities for routine as well as for transplant surgeries

Also equipped with latest technology like SARNS 8000 Heart lung machines, Anaesthesia work station, Advanced invasive monitoring, Intra Aortic Balloon Pump etc. To ensure world class results. There are two spacious post operative ICUs each with 10 beds and one step down ICU.

Dr. K. Harshavardhan has expanded his team which includes senior consultants Dr. A. Sukumar Dr.Viswakumar, Junior consultants Dr. V. Chitraleka, Dr. G. N Prabhu, Dr. A. S. Hariharan and Dr.Devadoss, Junior Resident Dr. Radhakrishnan Paulraj.

Department of Cardiothoracic Anesthesia is headed by Dr. D. Bakthavatsala Reddy and his team includes Dr. K. Ashok, Dr. R. Senthil Kumar. The Department of Cardiac Anaesthesia has made an impressive progress, by implementing fast track protocol in the post op ward; they have also achieved in minimizing to a great extent the demand on the Blood Bank by minimal use of blood products after open heart surgery. Our senior Perfusionists Mr.Andiyappan and Mr.Raini have vast experience with latest technologies of Cardiopulmonary perfusion and capable of managing any emergency CPB procedures.

The entire team is to ensure that all patients will benefit from the collective wisdom of health care professionals committed to quality and excellent patient care. Our department is comparable to any world class cardiac center equipped not only with Excellent Theatre and ICU facilities but also Professional post - op nursing staff, the key success factor providing the best results.

Our team is always ready on 24 hours basis to tackle any complex chest traumas & cardiac problems requiring surgical management To reach the unreached, under privileged surgical charges are priced at affordable cost.

We are extremely pleased to have full support from our world class Cardiology Department will well experienced cardiologists and interventional procedures. We work in perfect co-ordination with each other which is the main crux of the success of our departments.

The Department provides consultation and operative services on an elective and emergency basis for patients who are in need of advanced cardiac and thoracic surgical care. The skilled team of surgeons in our department strives to provide good medical care and to support the patient and to educate his / her family members with compassion

Operative procedures undertaken include

  • Coronary bypass surgery, including total arterial grafting and off - pump surgeries
  • Cardiac valve repair and replacement
  • Correction of congenital cardiac abnormalities in adults
  • Reconstruction and replacement of the thoracic aorta including the arch
  • Closed heart surgeries, pericardiectomies

Thoracic surgery encompasses exploratory and diagnostic procedures many through invasive techniques which include

The department is integral to the hospital in terms of cardiac diagnosis and care. Many patients are referred from general medical/surgical wards of other specialties. The department also provides cardiac assessment for non-cardiac surgeries.

  • Lung lobectomy and pneumonectomies
  • Lung and esophageal tumours
  • Management of thoracic trauma