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1) What room furnishings are provided by the hostel?
The rooms come equipped with a table, chair, cot and a cupboard for each student. All the rooms are triple sharing with 2 fans and sufficient sockets. A big sized mirror is provided in each room.
2) What necessary items must students bring to the hostel?
The bed and bathroom accessories, such as mattresses, pillows, bed covers, buckets, mugs etc., need to be purchased by the students. The students can purchase the same at the University shops within the campus.
3) What are the facilities available for the students in the hostel?
Each hostel block has a R.O. Plant and Solar Heater. Hence pure drinking water and hot water for bath are available. The hostels are Wi-Fi enabled.
4) What are the recreational facilities available in the hostel?
There are separate ‘Gymnasiums’ for Boys hostel and Girls hostel. In addition to the above, sports materials such as Cricket Bats, Shuttlecocks, Throw balls, Volley balls and Indoor games are available in each block. Movies are arranged periodically at the common area of the hostels (or) University open auditorium. Student activity centre and incubation centers are available in the University Complex. Know More
5) What are the Hostel Mess Facilities?
The Hostel Mess is run by the management. Menu will be displayed on the notice board. Changes to the menu can be made through the Mess Committee. In addition to the Mess service, Canteens and Food courts are also available for students’ use. Know More
6) Is there a Laundry Service available in the hostel?
SRM Hostel provides laundry and dry cleaning service to the hostellers. Equipped with state-of-the art machinery, every kind of cloth and fabric can be serviced. Know More