Mrs. Sumitra Mahajan


Our guest of honour for the special convocation at SRMIST is Mrs. Sumitra Mahajan, ex union minister and the honourable speaker of the 16th Lok Sabha. Belonging to the Bharatiya Janata Party, she was elected in 2014 as the Lok Sabha for the eighth consecutive time, one of three members sharing such an honour. She enjoys the title of the longest serving woman member of the Lok Sabha

Her contributions to her hometown include many projects that immensely benefitted the general; public. Indore bore witness to a number of significant steps of development in the fields of railways, aviation and urban development. She was popularly known as ‘Tai’ meaning “Elder sister” in her mother tongue among the people of her constituency, she is a stellar example of a clean politician poised to aid in the development of the nation

While taking charge as Union minister, Minister for Women and child development and as a Member of Parliament (Lok Sabha), Tai Sumitra Mahajan had widely travelled across the globe to address growing issues in various parts of the world. Some of the countries she had visited for conferences include but are not limited to China, Indonesia, Australia, the USA, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Hong Kong, Morocco, Philippines, Canada, Switzerland, Vietnam, Belgium, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Zambia, Mongolia, New Zealand, South Korea, Russia, The UK, and Seychelles

Apart from the stellar positions she presently hold/had held office, she was also the Former President of the Marathi Academy, Madhya Pradesh; Chairperson, Ahilya Utsav Committee, Indore; As a person she always championed the cause of women by effectively articulating their issues, and also in upholding the values and traditions that enhance the dignity of the Parliament, the sacred temple of democracy; has rich administrative experience having been a Minister in key social and economic Ministries in the Government of India; widely respected across political spectrum for her affable and non-partisan approach as the Presiding Officer of Lok Sabha

Hailing from Indore, Madhya Pradesh since 1989 she had held portfolios for Human Resources, Communications and Petroleum during her tenure as Union Minister, her list of accolades constitute an impressive list, she is the second woman member of the Lok Sabha. She is an active parliamentarian, who apart from important committees, has also been a keen debater and avid questioner in the house. She holds a masters in Law, is an avid reader with a penchant to sing. Her step towards politics was not one of ambition or of seeking power, but of service. At her early forties she had taken her baby steps into the realm of politics with a firm mind to serve the public, her inspiration was her father who was an RSS member and the guru of teaching his progeny to be selfless in nature

We are proud to welcome ‘Tai’ Sumitra Mahajan to our institution to grace this special occasion