Students were encouraged to interact and innovate at Aaruush

Students were encouraged to interact and innovate at Aaruush

The students of SRM Institute of Science and Technology were an electrifying crowd at the inauguration of 13th edition of Aaruush, the national level Techno-Management Fest, held at Dr. T P Ganesan Auditorium in the Institute’s campus.

Appreciating the efforts put in by team Aaruush, the chief guest of the event Director, Research and Innovation Centre, Government of India, Shri. Dr. V Natarajan said, “Events like Aaruush, will give you all an opportunity to interact, introspect, and have more information so that we have better designs. We live in an era where technology has brighten our lives and made it more comfortable.”

In his address to students, the scientist said, “Every discovery have been made whenever there was a necessity. Right from making a fire for cooking to creating artificial human intelligence, technology plays a vital role in all these aspects. One important field in technology is autonomous vehicle, which is up and coming.”

He added, “Previously, various engineering fields like mechanical, chemical, genetics and so on, used to work independently but now all engineers are working in unison. We have now come to a stage where we have started lending our help in the medical field too. Therefore we have a good opportunity to interact with them to create meaningful gadgets and instruments. Such initiatives will protect and enhance someone’s life.”

On rapid development of technology, he advised students to evolve on existing technologies. “We should also move from machine learning to artificial intelligence so that it can think and act. Such technologies can be used in several fields including defence.”

Shri. Dr. V Natarajan kick-started the 4-day event in which around 1000 students from various colleges in the country participated.

Meanwhile, in a strong motivational speech, Indian cricketer Suresh Raina, who was the guest of Honour, told students to set their goals and work to achieve them with a sense of purpose and enjoyment. “Just enjoy yourself set your goals and achieve them with a smile. If you have education, you can achieve anything,”

Over 6,000 students packed the auditorium and their cheers sounded like a huge crowd in a cricket stadium.

“SRM will launch a national wide sports festival soon,” announced President of SRMIST, Dr. P. Sathyanarayanan. Addressing students he said, “Aaruush 2019 is a grand fest. Aaruush literally means a ray of hope (for future of students). This national level techno-management fest is a big opportunity for students to improve their knowledge. You must enjoy what you are doing. Without enjoyment, there cannot be involvement. Students should observe from such events and find aspiration and innovation. Only through innovation can you find a path to win.” He also said that the event’s tagline ‘Rising in the Spirit of Innovation’ should soon become a reality. “This fest is not just for students but for everyone in the institution. The management will also support to make this an international one.”

Also, present on the occasion were Registrar N. Sethuraman, Aaruush convenor Dr. A. Rathinam, faculty directors and student organizers of SRMIST.


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